Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Learning to Blog

I get so involved in reading everyone else's blog that I forget I'm supposed to be writing one of my own.
Fall is trying to wheedle its way into the California summer. The mornings aretingedwith a coolness that teases us into pulling down sweaters from thetop shelves where they've been stored for months. But then end up on theback of our deskchairs at work . This is the season that earns Californiathe reputation fora different climate every five minutes. Yep, it's chillyin the morning, then the sweaters and jackets come off in the full blast of 85 degrees around lunchtime. The heat slowly burns off so that by the time bedtime rolls around, you're ready to curl up under your blankie to stay toasty through the night.
The weather plays havoc on your fashion choices. Heck, you have to change clothes several times each day or wear LAYERS. It's hard to look cute in layers. Who has enough clothes to wear layers everyday and still match? And , goodness knows, I've always got to match.
The weather does push me to get on withmy cold-weather crafts, however. I'm repurposing wool sweaters into tea cozies,winter hats and scarves and cute little brooches.I promise to get picturesup next week. I'm still working on the technology of blogging.


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