Monday, September 25, 2006

Pink and Brown

Pink and Brown Lady Waiting
These flowers stand along the roads in Northern California, row upon row of stately pink flowers, no leaves to speak of, bending close as cars whoosh by.
Great weekend!!! On Saturday I finished up most of my little projects for the Pink and Brown Swap. What fun to see them all together. Pink and Brown together make me think of chocolate boxes, luxurious, velvety and irresistible. I am having such a terrific time gathering and fashioning all the bits and bobs that will finally be lovingly wrapped and put in a carton and sent off to my swap buddy. Good times!!
Sunday dinner was scrumptious - one of those meals where everything comes out just as you hoped. We had pear- rosemary martinis, brie with a warm pear, rosemary honey and balsamic vinegar topping. For the main course I briased short ribs and served them up with roasted potatoes, mushy peas with mint and an arugula salad with dates, oranges, and toasted almonds and for dessert... warm chocolate-chili pudding cake with clouds of whipped cream. Lordy, it's a good thing we only eat like that on Sundays. When I get a little more organized, maybe I'll add recipes. Nothing I make is too terribly difficult to make.
So Monday dawns and I stand like those pink Ladies Waiting along this week's stretch of road.


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