Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Tail of Opal

The Tale of Opal the Cat
This story begins once upon a time in the Golden Land near the sea. A tiny white kitten alone in the world, abandoned by her mother wandered through the alleys of the town. She poked into garbage bins and ate whatever scraps she could find. Day in and day out Opal was watched by the girl in the apartment near by. This girl, a healer-in-training, could not help Opal because the healer already had a houseful of cats and , there wasn't room for one single animal more, so she kept her eye on the curious little creature from afar.
Dirty lanes and rubbish containers are no place for little kittens and before long Opal got sick. The healer-in-training couldn't take the itty bitty thing into her home, but she also couldn't let such a sad baby animal fend for herself any longer. The healer decided to take Opal to the princess who aften worked in the clinic where the healer was learning her trade. The princess was known throughout the land for her kindness to animals of all kinds and for healing powers of her own. She was beautiful and generous and the healer-in-training knew that the princess would find a home for Opal.

Come back tomorrow for another chapter about Opal.

I am chomping at the bit to show you all some pictures of the loot I've come up with for the Pink and Brown Swap. I'll wait, however, until I send it off and it is received in a land far away. That will be very soon. Stay tuned


Blogger Guillaume Cingal said...

Opal is such a nice name. I'm thinking of Opal Whiteley.

10:17 AM  

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