Thursday, September 28, 2006

After the Clouds...Sunshine

That's what I'm hoping anyway. Typically we have an Indian Summer in October, so even though it's gray and gloomy now, today, there is still a chance that summer is not over just yet. These lovely Adirondack chairs are tempting even under the cloudy sky, though, aren't they?
We have a three-day weekend coming up - no school on Monday AND today is pay day. Whooooooo-hooo.
Saturday night - It's "Sweet Charity" starring the pretty girl in pink - Molly Ringwald. The musical is NOT getting swell reviews but I love the music so I think I'll have a good time regardless. Hey, big spender...
My friend Caroline and I are going on our annual outlet shopping trip. We do it every year on the weekend after the first payday. We spend the whole day grabbing at bargains. We start out with a hearty diner breakfast, you know for energy, and then fueled by hashbrowns and sausages, maybe some pancakes, we head on down the road to Gilroy's fantastic outlet mall.

When will I have time for crafts? Good question. My swap box is going out on Tuesday. I started a tea cozy that got shelved for Pink and Brown so that's where I'll start back to crafting- there is so much to do before Christmas. I want to work on some felt flowers and a couple of crochet tidbits. Lucky thing the weekend is long. Holy Reindeer. I better get busy.


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