Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In the Pink (and brown)

This is just a hint of the batch of pink and brown goodies going out today to my swap buddy.
I didn't manage to do any crafting this weekend but I wouldn't say I wasn't creative. Yesterday at the outlets I was very resourceful about spending money I don't have. Bought a couple of great sweaters - one peacock cardigan with velvet on the placket and one terrific cuddly tweed with a shawl collar.

I love the color. I'm trying to get out of my usual color zone - pink, brown, black, and have vowed to only buy things that are nothing like what I already have at home oin my very full-to-bursting closets. Yes, closets, plural. I mean, how many white shirts does a sane woman need? Not as many as I have, that's for sure.
We are family
Our Sunday dinner was a success. I didn't think the dishes I fixed were going to be hits but they went over big, even with the 18 year old grandson. Our menu was Mexican for the most part, my favorite cuisine. For the main dish I made Pollo Pibil, something I learned to prepare while living in the Yucatan. It is chicken marinated in recado rojo (achiote paste) and then wrapped up in banana leaves and baked in a pit in the ground (pib in Maya). No, we did not dig up the new slate patio in our backyard, we used that old american standby, the oven. In any case, the chicken came out delish and moist. I made a green rice, cheese-stuffed onions, and a salad with fresh tomatoes, chicharron (fresh pork rinds), and cotija cheese. For dessert I experimented. I made a cream flavored with coffee, let that set and then made a coffee gelee to put over that - a coffee parfait if you will. The coffee gelee recipe I got from epicurious, the cream in my "1000 Mexican Recipes" which is my go-to reference along with Diana Kennedy and Patricia Quintana for Mexican food. This is the center piece of our Sunday table. One of these days I'll capture some of the food plates. I'm just happy to get it all on the table. I forget to photograph.

Tonight - two hours of Law and Order - lots of time for crafting while watching and Jesse L. Martin makes me swoon. Lordy!!


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