Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The First of Autumn

California, it is said, doesn't have four seasons. It has the summer and then it has the colder-than-summer part of the year. Okay, that may well be true but can I just say that it is getting awfully darn chilly around these parts. It's not exactly wool coat and mittens kind of cold but you definitely need more than just a sweater when venturing out in the a.m. I like the change, for about a week, then I'm wishing for the warm sun again.

This is where I work. Isn't it beautiful? It is a very old school, about 100 years old, in fact and because of that it is a very damp and icy place to hang out. To save fuel, the heat isn't turned on until later in the year so at times like today we have to wear a couple of layers, anyway. When I worked in the library building we had to wear full-on winter gear indoors and make repeated trips to stand directly in front of the space heater in order not to freeze standing up. Often, the buildings here are colder inside than outdoors. Is it any wonder that I long for the heat of summer? It is nice to have this view out my window, though. This is an old post card of the school. A couple of the buildings are still in use. The one I work in is one of them, it's the one on the right with the tower.
At the end of the month I'm going to Georgia and South Carolina - should be nice and warm there. Every year my mom and sisters and I go somewhere in this beautiful country. Last year we went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and the year before it was Cape Cod. We've been taking these trips for almost a decade, I guess. We are going to stay on Edisto Island this year. I have a vague idea about things to do - Charleston, Savannah and eating and walking on the beach, but I would hazard a guess that there are great places to go to find crafts and thrift stores. Can anyone help me out? We will fly into Atlanta and drive to the coast. There have got to be dozens of sites to see. If anybody has a suggestion for places to see I'd be happy for the help.
Well, I'm off to start a fire in my wastebasket to keep my fingers warm. Have a good one.


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