Thursday, October 05, 2006

Getting down to business

Got a lot accomplished yesterday afternoon. First, I got the box of pink and brown stuff off in the post. I had mixed feelings about letting it go. I loved looking at the things I'd gathered - the chocolate, candy box colors. But I can not wait until Mary Ann gets the box. I hope she loves everything in it.
Next, I was able to get home before darkness set in and take a couple of pictures to show that I am not a total crafting slacker and to get some corners of my home photographed for posterity. Things look so well organized and clean in photos, don't they. Gotta love that crop button. This is a little crocheted flower I was experimenting with. I liked it and found a place for it on my brown winter hat. That little bug sniffing at the flower I found on Martha's Vineyard at a store called The Midnight Farm. I believe it's owned by Carly Simon and, serendipitiously, she happened to be there the day we were shopping. It's a terrific store full of very cool bits and bobs. But back to the flower. I love to make little flowers, out of felt, out of yarn, out of fabric. I put them on everything and give a good amount away. This flower was a ten minute outlay of time, my kind of project (I sometimes suffer from a little craft ADD).
Corners of my mind, I mean my home - that little bitty kitty next to the little bitty cathedral on a very crowded shelf. This bookshelf, and a chest of drawers, hold all (make that most) of my crafting stuff. Six months ago this corner of my home looked like a bomb had gone off. I just piled stuff on the floor and hoped that I didn't need to find it again any time soon. It's not that I didn't do any crafting in those days but suffice it to say I didn't do it with as much joy as I do now. I love having an organized space - I am thrilled to have One Spot to put back my tools and supplies. I sometimes just go in that room to look at all the ribbons on the shelf, the buttons in their tin, the lace sitting comfortably in it's own tidy little canister. It all makes my heart happy to see and there is that little missyfuss guarding it all with her inscrutable smile.
What a good day it was.


Blogger MaryAnn said...

I will love it all, I will!!!

2:35 PM  

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