Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Last night I went home to make an apron for a swap I'm involved in and it was one of those situations when, despite my care and attention, a project refuses to be done easily. I had issues picking out contrasting material. I thought I had several to choose from and in the end none of them worked. Anyway, I solved that dilemma by deciding to make the entire apron out of the one fabric and trim with some print bias fabric that I have. I guess I thought this whole apron making adventure wasn't going to take a huge chunk of time and it was taking a long time to do everything and the bias tape didn't go on easily and the tension messed up on the hem and at that point, after 2 1/2 hours of wrangling pins and needles and bobbins and such and the room looked like the calico cat and the gingham dog (or is it the reverse?) had finished there fight in my spare room - well, I just bagged it, left everything everywhere in a mess and went into my bedroom. Just gave up!!
An hour later I had calmed down some when I remembered that I had promised to make an apple cake for today. Jumped up, ran to the kitchen and started peeling apples. The batter didn't look right. I hadn't made this particular recipe for a couple of years. There wasn't much batter, mostly apples. Another failure? I shoved the darn thing in the oven and crossed my fingers. Wow! It turned out great, moist and delicious and I had hope that all was going to be right with the universe. The cake looked so lovely. I whipped out my camera so I could show blogland how great this cake is and what a miracle had occured in my kitchen. And I took those pictures and they turned out beautifully, also and then, in all the joy and glory - I dropped my camera. I dropped my camera and it landed on the hard Mexican tile floor. I dropped my camera and...I think I killed it. And all the great words I had in my head to tell you about how when things look like there not going right, when the stitching on the apron is crap and the cake batter looks like something a three-year old would concoct, when ideas don't come for the Christmas ornament swap -= well, I was going to say, don't give up, just keep plugging on because you will succeed, blah, blah, blah. Then I killed my camera and nothing was right in the world.
This morning I tried to get someone to revive my camera. The man at the camera store was uncharacteristically nice but said no go. The man at Frys, the least customer-friendly store on the planet, told me I couldn't buy a new camera today because they were remodeling that aisle of the store, only that aisle. I could see the camera I wanted just out of reach but no, I would have to wait until tomorrow if I wanted to buy it. Yes, and he will probably have to wait until hell freezes over for me to even consider going back to buy one gosh-darned thing there. So now I am without a camera. I know that I can overcome this. But I love writing this blog and I love taking pictures to put up on this blog and now I won't be able to for awhile and the whole situation, well, it's really getting me down. And it feels like the earth has shifted of its axis. Yes, I am being a baby. Many things are more important than this, almost everything is. But I feel glum.


Blogger maggiegracecreates said...

and i did not sleep last night. I could see this "ginormous" number on my ceiling - which corresponds to the total repayment of the loan on my house - and i deal with idiots at work today - so it has to be the moon - or that cosmic shift that tells me to just go back to bed.

sorry you have had a bad spell - i wish we could sit and encourage each other over a slice of that cake.


12:41 PM  
Blogger jen b said...

I like what Teresa said go have some cake! I am so sorry about your camera and you can be glum on your own blog anytime you like becasue it's yours. :) Do you have any pics stored on your computer that you could use? You don't always have to show us crafty things. hugs to you.

4:58 PM  

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