Tuesday, October 17, 2006

At a loss for words

Nothing came to me this morning. I hadn't words to put down. I went to other blogs I enjoy reading hoping for inspiration. They were great and beautiful blogs but they made me feel all the more pathetically banal - nothing to say. SO today I'll do more show than tell, unless of course I find some words along the way.
Monday night is one of two nights that I watch lots of TV. I start with Wire in the Blood and end with Studio 60 . That is a lot of time for idle hands. So rather than succumb to the devil's work (as much fun as that might be) I put those hands to work and LOOK! I finished a tea cozy and covers for pan handles (I'm sure they have a name...???) and hot pads and a trivet. I really like them. I lined them all with the sweetest , softest red calico print. The calico would make a nice little apron to go with the cozy set.

I also finished the cell phone caddy for my buddy Liz whose birthday it is today - !!!Sapo Verde to you my Lizard friend!!! Once upon a time Liz didn't even carry a purse, she's a minimalist kind of girl. Then one summer while on a road trip she decided that my purse looked kind of handy - you know to carry things in and stuff. I lent her an extra one I'd packed and, well, she was hooked. Upon arrival back home she promptly bought a purse of her own. At last count I think she has three purses. And so it goes. She mentioned to me the other day that her cell phone was getting lost at the bottom of her purse and maybe I could show her how to make a felted bag for it. Yeah, yeah, I'll show her but in the meantime I just made her one. She is on her way to being an accessory queen, first the purse then the cell phone caddy she'll probably be wanting a lipstick case any day now. I have created a monster!!

So, I found a few words after all and I will leave you with one of my favorites - corazon. You gotta have corazon.


Blogger maggiegracecreates said...

i doubt you ever are truely at a loss for words. the photos are wonderful and even though your blog is fairly new. i already read you every day.

by now you know that i am your partner for pink and brown. i hope you cna use something in one of those two boxes.


6:54 AM  
Blogger Vallen said...

I am thrilled that you are my partner and I can't wait to open those boxes. Thanks for reading my blog. I am still new and a little giddy about this blogging stuff but it has really opened up my eyes. Everyday I look for something to share and by doing that I find something cool in my very own tiny life.

7:32 AM  

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