Monday, October 16, 2006

Fifteen Pears A' Drying

Gloriosky, I had such a productive weekend. I got so many projects done. Some I can show you and some I can hint at and some I'll photograph tonight. First, the little pears you see, all lined up in rows are for Christmas. They are not for eating, don't worry, just decorative. I make them from an applesauce-cinnamon dough and there they are, drying in the window next to one of my mom's African violets. All though it's kind of messy get-your-hands-yucky project, this is my kind of fun. The work time is minimal, the objects turn out looking and smelling divine and when given as gifts these pears are very popular. Check out the recipe a couple of postings down. They are scenting the entire house. It's beginning to smell alot like...
Chili! That's what we had for Sunday dinner. Having a big pot of red on the stove all day, well it was just right for the weather and the mood. My mom was coordinating her harvest craft fair and went up the the city to visit her ailing brother. I was crafting like a mad woman all day and watching my Midsome Murders while I stitched and snipped and hooked and glued. Having a bubbling pot on the stove was just a luxury for us. My sister came over and we had Tequila Sunrises (why did these go out of fashion, again?), queso fundido (melted cheese) with chorizo, chili and its fixins, cornbread with honey butter, and rhubarb pie. Y'all want a join us some day for Sunday dinner just let me know.
What was I busy working on this weekend, mmmmm? Well, just bunches of goodies. First I went to Target and spent a small fortune on all kinds of neat-o things from the dollar bins. I am a sucker for dollar bins. I bought beads and letters and girly stuff and halloween stuff and stuff and more stuff. I carried a big ol' bag out to my car. Then, I had to sort evrything and put it away in my very organized (??!!) craft room. And then I just became a whirlwind of craftiness. Let's see, I finished some pot holders, a tea cozy and a little girl's hat from one felted wool sweater, then I crocheted a cell phone caddy and made a rose to attach to it. I made a crown ( see a peek of it here) and got stuff together for another swap I'm doing this month. Do you like the color scheme. I am intrigued by it. Orange and yellow and peacock blue... it is a happy group of colors to me. Maybe not to everyone's liking, though. We'll see what I can do with it all. Many times I just like to see the colors together, revel in the loveliness of them all banking off each other, sending sparks up and bouncing goodness into my eyes before I decide what to make of it all.
I also had to get my costumes ready for this week. This week is Spirit Week here at high school, the week leading up to homecoming. Everyone dresses up according to some major plan. Today each staff member has to find a partner and dress like twins. My office mate and I are dressed in black pants, orange blouse, black sweater and these ever-functional bat antenna. It's hard to look professioanl with wobbly-bobbly bat antenna swirling about your head. You know, people take you so seriously. Right after that little choke of laughter as they enter these hallowed halls of education and see me, us, the look of perplexity... It's two weeks before Halloween. We look like idiots and that is, indeed, the point. Each clas of students has a theme. Today the juniors dress up like 80's and it looks like there is a casting call for Flashdance II going on here. The seniors are hippies and peace buttons, love beads and headbands abound. Judging by the amount of yelling and cheering going on at lunch I'd say they were all having a great time. Tomorrow I have to wear P.J.'s to work. I only pray for a quick and uneventful ride into work in the morning.

So that's it from this old bat. More mañana.


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