Thursday, October 12, 2006

Freeze Tag

Teresa my new blog buddy has tagged me so I guess I must answer. Is this blog hazing? Is this what you guys do to us freshmen?
Okay, but remember I have kids and a grandchild who might read this so don't put large stock in the truthfulness of the answers, 'kay

Have You Ever:

Taken a picture completely naked? No. because I could never think of any reason to do such a thoughtless thing

Danced in front of a mirror naked? That was the other girl

Told a lie? Though my nose is back to its original length now, the answer to this is that I had my fingers crossed so it really shouldn't count

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? Yes, and I made a right fool of myself, too.

Been arrested? Moi?

Seen someone die? No, and it is a fear of mine.

Kissed a picture? I kiss the picture of Mikey, my grandson and his mad face every time I see it.

Slept in until 5pm? Napping is a passion but I have never slept IN that late. I have way too much fun to get on with to be sleeping the day away

Had sex at work? I work at a high school so that is just too gross to think about. Mary Jo Letourneau - eeeeww and do you remember the men teachers you had in high school? Yuck!

Fallen asleep at work? I haven't...zzzzzzzzzzzz

Held a snake? One time at Science Camp....... The picture still makes me proud of myself. I'm the kind of girl who won't touch pictures of slimey, creepy crawly things in books and magazines for fear of getting cooties.

Ran a red light? It was late. I was tired. The light was kind of hidden by tree branches and I was talking to someone, duh.

Been suspended from school? My parents were teachers. We didn't miss school for strep throat.

Pole danced? Like the polka, you mean? No. But Mary Ann is going to take me clog dancing someday.

Been fired from a job? Let me explain.

Sang Karaoke? People pay me not to. I sing in the car but only with the windows up and if I pull up at a light I start to hum.

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? The will is strong but the flesh is weak. Need I say more?

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Everytime my friends and I get together. There doesn't even have to be wine involved.

Laughed until you peed? Oh My God!!!!! As if!!

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Hello from California.

Kissed in the rain? In the tropics on the beach.

Had sex in the rain? In the tropics on the beach.

Sang in the shower? Have you been listening?

Gave your private parts a nickname? I am not very imaginative I guess, never even thought of it. I have named other people's private parts, though.

Ever gone to work without underwear? Panty lines are soooo last week..

Sat on a rooftop? Used to be we could sit on the roof on the 4th of July and see three huge fireworks displays.

Played chicken? I am the chicken in a car

Been pushed/thrown into a pool with all your clothes on? You mean like a swimsuit?

Broken a bone? Never, again the chicken thing

Flashed someone? I'm waiting to do this when I'm really old.

Mooned Someone? See above.

Skinny Dipped? Remember the beach in the topics?

Shaved your head? I am a child of the sixties and seventies - but I think that's another thing for the When I Am Old list

Slept Naked? Absolutely

Blacked out from drinking? Close

Played a prank on someone? Yes, but it backfired. I'm not very sneaky

Had a gym membership? why would I pay someone not to exercise?

Felt like killing someone? Ever been married?.

Cried over someone you were in love with? Too many times and never again. (yeah, right!!)

Had Mexican jumping beans as pets? Oh yeah, my sister was allergic to animals so this was as good as it got.

Been in a band? I used to play air Paul McCartney, does that count

Shot a gun? Yeah, and in spite of myself it was kind of fun

Shot a bow and arrow? We were forced to take archery in high school. Can you imagine doing that in these litigious times?

Played strip poker? Yeah, I won.

Donated blood? Yes but I should do it more often

Ever jump out of an airplane? It's on the life list

Been to more than 10 countries?? Yes, I have. I surprised myself with that answer. I've been to 11.


Blogger MaryAnn said...

Clogging is on my "life list" so we'll have to tackle that one together!

6:49 PM  
Blogger maggiegracecreates said...

thanks for playing along. I am so glad maryann "introduced" us through that list on her blog. Have an incredible day and a beautiful life.

7:34 AM  

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