Friday, October 06, 2006

You Can Say Tomato Any Ol' Way You Want

One of the most delicious aspects of summer is eating home-grown tomatoes. I am not a gardener but fortunately I know lots of people who are and they are also incredibly generous with their seasonal bounty. Every week I get a batch of tomatoes from my friend and co-worker Carolyn. I take only enough to make salads for dinner and to make my mouth-watering Tomato Sandwiches. I eat these every morning at my desk. The tomatoes are as sweet as sweet can be. I spread a bit of Best Foods mayo on fresh bread and I stuff a little bacon in between the bright red pieces of tomato and wrap the whole thing up in a couple paper towels and carry it to work in my very fancy plastic sandwich holder. While I browse the Daily and check my email, I savor every lovely bit of my summer sandwich. Mornings start on a good note this way. And this year I also scored some other tomato products from Carolyn - sundried tomatoes and tomato paste. That should keep me going long after the tomato harvest has waned.

Fridays, evidently, are works in progress day here in blogland so I've got a couple to show you. This first is a skirt I cut out, ohhhhh, back in May I think it was. The linen fabric I found on the discount shelf at joann's. It's a warmish gray with bright scarlet damask-like print. First I had zipper issues and then other things just came before finishing it.
This stripe-y thing is a tea cozy I'm making for a Christmas gift. I plan to ut some sparrow silhouettes on it cut from black felt. I know it kind of looks like a hat but the birds should define it as something other, I hope. I bought a bunch of wool sweaters at Savers a few weeks back and brought them home and felted them. Now i plan to get going on some beanies and some mittens and some pot holders and some flower oins and.... I better get my ample butt in gear if I want to get all that done for Christmas.
This weekend I'm going to Halloween and Vine in Petaluma. It is an incredible crafts fair with the likes of Nicole Sayre, Christy Silacci and Ulla Milbrath, among dozens of other talents showing their wares. My daughter Megan, who has been my guide to most things crafty is escorting me. I am not conversant in linking yet but the website for the show is Check it out and have a delightful early autumn weekend


Blogger MaryAnn said...

Oh My Gosh - I miss Savers so much I could probably cry if I thought about it long enough. Sigh.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Vallen said...

I never knew about it until just last month. It is the most awesome thrift store EVER!! So many have gone by the wayside and pretty much all we have left are the biggies - GW and Salvation Army - not my favorites.

12:32 PM  
Blogger jen b said...

mmmm yummy tomato sandwich!

4:44 PM  

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