Monday, October 09, 2006

Wishing I was Andy Goldsworthy

Last fall I watched Andy Goldsworthy's movie and thought I could pretend to be him. So I made this chain of leaves and got bored after about five feet or so. I tried to hang them from the tree in an oh-so-tricky trompe l'oeil kind of thing that did not work because I am not very handy in that way and so the silly chain just fell to the ground and I left it there like it was my intention all along. All I can say is thank goodness I wasn't playing with rocks!!!
Does anyone remember Neccos? They haven't left the candy counters, I see them there all the time, but, surprisingly, many folks who dipped there fingers into my candy jar didn't know anything about them - and these were NOT all young people. One kid did ask, however, why I'd put Tums in my candy jar. Neccos were always part of my Saturday allowance spending because they were cheap (5 cents) and they lasted a long time. I preferred the choclate Neccos and was in heaven when I could find rolls of all chocolate otherwise I would pick the chocolate and licorice ones out of the roll and save those until the end. But it was only yesterday that I learned what Necco stands for: New England Confectionary Company. Coming across old-time candy just enthralls most of us. Chicken bones, remember those, they are my candy link to the past and I liked Cherry Mountain Bars, although now they seem soooo, soooo sweet. Good times, good times. What candy will send today's kids in to rhapsodic memories do you s'pose?
Here's the little beanie I fashioned from the sleeves of the tea-cozy sweater below. I love the flowers!! I still hace lots more cut out that I'd like to make into pins for Christmas gifts and I still have scraps left over to make maybe a cell phone bag or glasses case.

Even though we still have beautiful late summer weather I started changing the display in the entry hall for fall. Here is the scene so far - waiting for pumpkins. It's a hard room for autumn since the color scheme is pink and blue (it's my mom's living room) So I try to go for the pink and gold. That little glass pumpkin was bought at one the our school's glass pumpkin sales. We have a glass-blowing class here for the kids. The stuff they turn out is magnificent as you can see. I'd like to collect some leaves, too but ...oh yeah, HA!! we're still in summer.


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