Thursday, November 09, 2006

Here, There and Everywhere

Last night I was here. I was all set up in my studio/bed ready to get going on Christmas ornaments, swaps you know. As you can see my studio/bed is very well organized and polka dotty.

My chair of choice is well-padded 'cause I spend a lot of time in it. It doesn't have wheels but I can scoot it, easily, into different positions at whim. Take special note of the work surface. It kind of sits on my lap bringing my work in to close view for the very intricate stuff I'm required to do. Granted, I have to be very careful while using an exacto knife not because I couldn't use some thigh reduction, only because my white bedspread would latch onto the bloodstains and never recover. The TV is right there, "Top Chef" the last two episodes. I have a bowl of ice cream sitting to the right. And...

And so...I got on with it
First there was the embellishment of the crocheted stars which I think looks adorable. I only had white so I colored that bright pink one with a gel pen. I think there should be something at the stem but I haven't decided what yet, so I have left the wires hanging. Pretend you don't see 'em

When I'd used up the flowers it was time to move on so I had I tried out the star pattern I want to incorporate. I got the idea from the most recent "Midwest Living" which, by the way, is a great resource even if you live outside of the Great Plains area. With all modesty I must say that they turned out just the way I'd hoped but I'm going to get some poster board and cut out a backing so the stars are stiffer and will last for more than one holiday season.

While waiting for the poster board I decided to fool around with ATC's. I just plowed in. No plan, no thought just snip, snip, glue, glue. You gotta admit I have it kind of easy with my last name being Queen and all. There's just a lot of material out there to work with. Step one, cut up some card stock. Step two, stamp it with my signature crown. I found a page from an old "Victoria magazine that was filled with pictures of Queen Victoria so a little piece of her went on each card. Then the name we share was stamped willy-nilly underneath.

Now the fun began. Glue on the frou-frou stuff like feathers and flower petals and glitter, oh my! I kind of got carried away, but hey, a queen must have her bling after all. And I have never been accused of having restraint.

The image needed anchoring and that's why I added the embroidered ribbon. I'm not completely happy with them, I think there's an unknown item missing, but I've set them to percolate for a few days...and by next Monday or Tuesday I should be able to tell what it is they need to be complete.

I hope everyone has a restful, rejuvenating three-day weekend. I'm headed to our house in the mountains. The forecast is for snow on Saturday. Me no like snow but I'm driving Ms. Mom. There are great thrifting opportunities up that way, however and my daughter and my sister might just drop by so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!


Blogger maggiegracecreates said...

I love the ATC. Me - if something feels missing I almost always resort to canned spray glitter. The shelf on my back porch is where i spray and it sparkles all the time.
One of my favorite all time craft supplies.

9:49 AM  
Blogger jen b said...

Thank you for sharing your workspace with us. all of your projects look great. Love the stars! Have a great weekend.

1:48 PM  

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